Although we may not realise it, we have almost all outsourced a domestic service provider, whether it was a cleaner to help get the house into tip-top shape, a removalist to transport boxes from one house to another or a computer technician to install a new computer. As our lives become busier, service providers play an important, behind-the-scenes role that help those who lack the time and/or skills to get the jobs done.

In a world, where new businesses are popping up every day, it is becoming increasingly problematic to recognise reputable and experienced providers from unqualified business owners. It all begins with trawling numerous online service directories and local classifieds, to narrowing down my contact list to a manageable number. I can’t reach some of them and while a few are able to provide a quote, it seems that they can only meet at the times that don’t suit me.

Even when I meet with the providers who do make it, the quotes I’m receiving are far greater than the amounts discussed over- the-phone, plus the hidden call out fees and travel costs. The service people I did speak with have mentioned their experience, and seem more than qualified for the position, but until I hire them, I can’t be sure of their capability. With the prospect of having a stranger in my home, I’m concerned that they do not possess police checks or insurance. Finally, I think I’ve found the right person for the job, except when I need them, they aren’t available and when I’m available, they aren’t; meaning I need to take time off work for at least part of the day to accommodate them. Sound familiar?

We hear stories like this all the time from unhappy customers who are dissatisfied with the exhaustive process of looking for service providers. The myriad of issues facing consumers in hiring a service provider sparked the creation of Super Heroes, an online marketplace that connects customers directly with service providers at the drop of a hat; ok, not literally, but minus our super easy registration, you can select and book your service provider in less than 60 seconds. Our service providers or Super Heroes as we like to call them, are carefully selected based on their experience, have undergone background checks and are insured for any accidental damages. Our Super Heroes are available at a time that suits you, and give our customers peace of mind while they save the day!

Article written by ‘Ellie Duniam’ for Super Heroes Australia.