For many of us, taking care of our gardens is an after-thought, it’s a task we put on our to-do lists for the weekend, but find that by the time we get back to work on Monday- our gardens remain untouched. In our busy lives filled with work, children or studies- or a combination of all three, it is the garden that suffers, as tasks like mowing the lawn, clearing the weeds and watering the plants build up over time, and the garden only gets worse.

Gardening is a task that can often stagnate in the colder months, but once the birds start chirping and the flowers blossoming, the garden yearns for attention. Taking care of gardens is a lot of up-keep, and this means a lawnmower, whipper snipper, hedge trimmer and everything you could think of. Especially in high-density housing areas, Sydney and Melbourne come to mind, where space is a constant struggle, many of us do not have the ability to store the plethora of tools, such as blower vacs, wheelbarrows and pruners that gardens so require.

Like any service, the difficulty lies with finding the right person for the job, when it suits you. Just how do we find the ‘right person’? The main challenges we hear from our customers is the time and effort it takes to take, and even when you think you’ve found the person for the job, it can be hard to ascertain the experience and skills of the service provider. In a field that requires a level of skill, gardening isn’t a job for everyone. For others, the concern arises in allowing a stranger to enter your home and garden. That’s where Super Heroes come in, a hassle-free marketplace that connect you and a qualified, background checked service provider at lightning speed.

While not all our Super Heroes wear capes, they certainly have superpowers. Available when it suits you, our Super Heroes are ready to come to the rescue! Seems too good to be true? Head straight to our website to see what our customers say.

Article written by ‘Ellie Duniam’ for Super Heroes Australia.