Do you live in Adelaide? Could you use a little help around the home? Are you worried that finding someone you can trust is difficult? Superheroes can help you out! We’re based in Adelaide just like you, we know the city and we get the people. Adelaide is a one of a kind city, with one of a kind people, that deserve one of a kind service.

Common Concerns

Hiring a cleaner to come into your home can be a nerve wracking experience. It is so important to know that you can not only trust the person to do a great job cleaning your home, but they must also respect it. All our cleaners are highly trained and trustworthy, plus there are no egos here so if you don’t feel the hero in your home is the right fit, you are welcome to try another.

Having your home cleaned is all about you, if a cleaning company doesn’t make you feel like you’re in charge, then they’re the wrong one!

Saved By A Hero

There are the obvious benefits to having your home cleaned such as the saved time and energy, but there are so many more reasons! The high level of cleanliness helps ease symptoms for asthma and allergy suffers and can stop the spread of germs in the home. Less colds and tummy bugs means less sick days.

Inspections can no longer be a source of stress and pain, we can do inspection and end of lease cleans at any time. It’s as easy as letting us know when you need it done and then it’s heroes to the rescue!

If you’ve been thinking of simplifying your life by getting rid of housework, it’s time to stop thinking and make it happen. Our heroes are ready and waiting to come and get your home into tip top shape, just the way you like it.

Article written by ‘Samantha Fee’ for Super Heroes Australia.