January 26th, it’s a stand out day on the calendar. This is the day we celebrate us, this great nation, its people and what we stand for. This is a day to reflect on where we’ve come from, our roots. But also to look forward and dream about where Australia will be in the future. Why do we celebrate this day? How should we celebrate? We’ve got answers and ideas galore!

The First Fleet

Australia was discovered before the First Fleet ever landed, but it was this First Fleet that arrived and stayed on January 26th 1788. However it wasn’t always known as Australia Day and not everyone sees it as a day to celebrate! It wasn’t until 1935 that ‘Australia Day’ under that name was celebrated nationwide. Although since 1838, as a newspaper of the time said, Australia Day has been a ‘day for everyone.’

The indigenous peoples of Australia often refer to this day as Invasion Day. While it is a celebration for the descendants of those first arrivals, there had been people living here for thousands of years before hand. Suddenly ships arrive and their way of life is changed forever. Thankfully in recent years this has been acknowledged and the Aboriginal citizens are being shown the respect and acknowledgement they deserve.

January 26th

The day has arrived, but what do you do? Easy! Australia Day is intended to be a relaxed day with friends and family. It’s time for some fun in the sun! In cities and towns the country over there are festivals and concerts happening.

Citizenship ceremonies take place to welcome the new Australians. The Australian of the Year is awarded their prize. Of course after the ceremony there’s always the chance of a good ol’ Aussie barbecue.

Local parks and beaches are always filled on Australia Day. There will be cricket matches happening, discs flying through the air and picnics everywhere! All of this and more is happening just a short drive from home. But perhaps you’re not up for facing the crowds?

Australia Day At Home

Keeping the party close to home is always an option in Australia. Street parties are a neighbourhood favourite. The local kids have a blast running around with their friends all day. Plus if someone on the street has a pool, party at their place!

Triple J radio station is known for playing the Top 100 songs of the year every Australia Day. It has become tradition to crank up this station and join the countdown. Who will be in that number one spot this year? Some cities actually host firework displays in the evening and the radio stations will set up a play list to accompany the display. Video hasn’t killed the radio in Australia!

Maybe all the partying isn’t your thing? It’s completely acceptable to throw on some green and gold, get some of that traditional Aussie food going, Vegemite sandwiches, meat pies and lamingtons can never go wrong. Then crank up the air con and enjoy and Australian movie day. There are some incredible movies from this great land and what better day could there be to enjoy them?!

These are some of the ways you can do Aussie Day the Aussie way. If you are unsure about events in your area check out australiaday.org.au. Planning a party but don’t have time to get the place in order? Don’t fret. Super Heroes has cleaners and gardeners ready to have your venue party ready! Happy Australia Day!

Article written by ‘Samantha Fee’ for Super Heroes Australia.