Chores are no fun. We all love a clean home, but maintaining it is so tedious. That time could be better spent with friends, or a good book. How do we get both a clean house and the extra time we so desperately want? Easy! Speed clean. This doesn’t mean zooming around like some kid of cartoon character. If you watch professional cleaners they get the job done so quickly because they are efficient. Now you can learn the tricks of the trade and get the job done in no time!

Before You Start

Think about it, how do you get through the day and get everything done? With a schedule. In most cases people wake up in the morning and have a plan for what is going to happen that day. Specific time slots are assigned to certain events, why can’t cleaning be this way too? The day runs smoothly because there is a schedule to maximise the use of the time, cleaning needs the same consideration. Before you start, plan what is going to happen and allow the time for it. Generally it is better to do the whole house in one go, keep the momentum going and once it’s finished there’s no pressure of more to do.

Tools of the Trade

No job can be performed successfully without the correct tools. What do you need to clean your own house? Something many don’t consider is a cleaning uniform. It might sound silly to have a uniform for cleaning in your own house, but it’s a must! No more ruining your pyjamas or sweatpants, a cleaning uniform will take all the damage. The uniform needs to be comfortable and practical. Something light and non-restrictive is ideal. Don’t forget comfortable shoes and gloves!

Once the uniform is set it’s product time. Most professional cleaners will carry about four chemical cleaning products, multi-purpose spray, heavy duty degreasing spray, tile cleaner and powdered abrasive cleaner. That’s it, there’s no need for a product for every different surface, these will cover them all.

Now it’s time to gather up the cloths, vacuum, mops and anything else you are going to need. Almost ready to get going! Remember that the goal is to clean the house a quickly and efficiently as possible, so when you are choosing your tools avoid the cheap and nasty options, we want to do it right the first time.

Getting Started

You’re all dressed with all the equipment you need, now it’s time for action. To make sure you don’t lose focus, get rid of all distractions, turn off the television, maybe turn on some music to provide a pleasant atmosphere.

Before we look at methods for each room here’s a couple of important tips to remember. Bring all of your equipment to every room, even if you don’t think it’s needed. This ensures that the job will be finished quickly as everything required is close by. When sweeping, vacuuming or mopping, always start at the back corner and work your way out of the room.

We covered the basics to get you ready to clean, now let’s run through the rooms and how to get them in tip top shape fast!

Cleaning Time

Bedrooms. Start off with a clean sweep, which means strip the bed and get rid of clutter and mess straight away. Then you are free to remake the bed and dust. That’s the room almost finished already! Just the floor to do now, starting in the back corner we do long strokes to cover as much floor as possible. Never go over the same spot more than once.

Bathrooms. The dreaded bathroom. Nobody likes cleaning in here so let’s get it over with! Start by preparing the room which entails spraying all wipe-able surfaces. Now that the chemicals are doing their thing we move on to the toilet. Once it’s clean the mirrors are next, then the sink and finally the shower and/or bath. Lastly we mop and are out of there!

Kitchen. Cleaning around dishes is a nightmare so let’s get all those washed up first, or if you’re lucky there’s a dishwasher, load it up and let it go. The dishes have been cleared so get rid of anything else that is cluttering the work space. With everything put away we can clean all the counters and wipe down appliances easily. No need to worry about dripping, last task is to mop!

Living room. This one is super quick, here we go! Declutter, dust, wipe surfaces, vacuum, done!

That’s it, you’re finished and now your home will feel like it has been professionally cleaned! Put your feet up, relax and enjoy the spare time.

Article written by ‘Samantha Fee’ for Super Heroes Australia.