Dogs are wonderful! We love our precious pets, but sometimes they can be a challenge. From wanting to attack the mop, which stops being cute real quick! To having accidents every time they see the vacuum. Sometimes having a dog is interesting to say the least! A few of the biggest fails can be easily solved, while others will require your patience and understanding.

Dog Hair Everywhere

Most dogs shed, that’s just part of being a dog unfortunately. It doesn’t have to mean that the house is left with a new coat of hair all over it though! Brush your pet outside using a proper dog brush, even if dog hair isn’t an issue. Human brushes are made for humans and don’t work correctly on dogs, their own brushes will get the job done properly. Going outside gives the dog the chance to look around without getting bored of sitting as quickly, keeps any hair that does escape the brush out of the house and makes your home a tad more friendly for anyone suffering with asthma or allergies.

Just like humans, dogs all have their own personality. There are dogs that are afraid of the brush, that doesn’t mean they get out of it! Make brushing time fun with toys and treats, soon your pet will associate brushing with fun and will jump for joy at the mention of it!

Regardless of the kind of flooring at home, sweeping the floor never works when it comes to hair. It causes more trouble than it’s worth. A vacuum will not push the hair around, it gets it out of the way in one smooth action. Much easier!

Dirt and Grass and Mud Oh My!

Playful pups sure do like to get dirty, it’s our job to make sure they don’t ruin the house after their adventures. Regular baths are usually all you need to reduce shedding and increase health. After bath time dry your pup as much as possible to keep wet do smell at bay.

Of course bathing the dog after every trip outside is not practical. Between baths just cleaning their paws before they enter, if it’s needed, will do the trick.

Furniture and Clothes Nightmare

Hair gets all over clothes, work uniforms seem to attract the most. Dog smell gets into the soft furniture and hair gets on everything else. How do we protect the things we need and want to last? Easy. With clothes, don’t leave them out, as soon as they are dried and folded they need to go into the drawers or cupboard out of puppy reach. If they still end up with some evidence of puppy love on them, a lint roller will do the trick.

When it comes to the living room furniture dogs love to curl up on the couch, especially during the colder months, covers are available to protect from smell and hair. If you’d prefer a cheaper option a blanket or throw will usually work just as well.

Cleaning Time


We’ve looked at the messes dogs can make, and how to clean them. But what about when they don’t allow it? Fed up with the mop being attacked? Worried about getting the vacuum out because of the stress on the dog? Worry no more, we’ve discovered how to ease the dog’s suffering. The method is called desensitisation, it will take time and patience.

Start by slowly introducing the feared object. If the object was the vacuum for example, you might leave the vacuum sitting unplugged and untouched across the room and build up from there. As the dog calms during the current level of exposure, increase it slightly. Eventually the dog will become used to the object and no longer be afraid, however it can be a lengthy process. Remember they can’t understand it, nor can they communicate so it’s incredibly frightening to them, patience is key. It can be helpful to have a routine with the object, meaning it only comes out at a certain time each week or few days depending. That way the dog can prepare themselves for it’s arrival and not live in fear of it showing up at any time.

Finally, it is a common misconception that giving treats to a scared dog helps to calm them down. This is completely false. If you were being attacked, were afraid and then someone suddenly gave you a brand new laptop, would you stop being afraid of the attacker? Of course not. Treats do not calm the dog, they actually reinforce the fear by saying that being fearful in this situation earns a treat so it is the correct reaction.

Cleaning + dog = success when you have the right tools at your disposal.

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Article written by ‘Samantha Fee’ for Super Heroes Australia.